Once upon a time on a very sunny and hot bank holiday Monday...

...I got to meet this beautiful couple and celebrate their love and engagement.

Usually, I tend not to book photoshoots around late morning/lunchtime because the light is harsher and can create a lot of shadows across faces and squinty eyes. But this was the best time for us all to book and I thought, well it's England, likely it will be cloudy and a bit drizzly...oh how wrong was I! One of the hottest days of the year and now a cloud in the sky.

But you know what? I am absolutely in love with how these pictures came out! We opted for shade as much as possible, which created some beautiful shapes and softer tones, but we also ventured out into the sunshine to capture the amazing south down views and the gorgeous wildflower that had been growing. When before I was afraid of this direct sunlight, I came away feeling much more confident shooting in these conditions! Plus it helps when your couple are down for it and are completely stunning.

What do you guys think of this sunny engagement shoot?