Cat & Sam

My first wedding post craziness of Covid lockdown...

...and what a way to start! This was the third time that this lovely couple had rearranged their wedding and it most definitely was worth the wait. Not only was the setting of the ceremony unbelievable, I mean Chichester fricken Cathedral no less! But also, it was a day the heavens opened. It was full on rain the entire day. And you know what? The bride and groom loved it, as did I! They said it made it so much more fun. And that really says it all about these two. All they wanted was a day to celebrate their love with some of their closest people, come rain or shine. And that's exactly what they did.

Due to Covid, their day was different to what they originally had planned. With only 30 people allowed at the ceremony and reception, it made it a more intimate affair, starting in the Cathedral and finishing in the groom's parents back garden. But people did not miss out on cheering for them! The ceremony was live streamed but also after leaving the Cathedral so many friends and family were lined up outside waiting to show them their love. Clapping and waving, it was so heart warming to see the love all these people have for Cat & Sam that they would come and wait in the rain for them. Then started an amazing parade down the high street of continued cheering and joy.

Oh and of course some wind and rain wasn't going to get in the way of getting some fun bridal party shots on top of a hill!

This will definitely be a wedding I remember for years to come and one I feel honoured to have been a part of.

It was wonderful to see these two finally get to be married. Have a lil look at the photos below to share in how amazing this day was.