Cat & Bryan's day was filled with so much goodness

I still pinch myself that I get to be a part of days like these. It wasn't just the stunningly gorgeous venue or the beautiful wedding dress that made Cat look like a princess. It was the total love these two had for each other. It shone so brightly out of them and you could see how much of a positive impact that had on everyone else who was there. I had to stop myself from crying a good few times during the speeches either from the heartfelt words or from the laughter I couldn't stop. These two know how to love well. But I tell you what, they also know how to throw a most epic wedding. All day from the preparations to the packed dance floor till the very end of the evening.

Let's chat venue

I so so hope that one day I get to come back to the amazing Cowdray House. You really do feel like you are wondering around the set of a fairytale. Your wedding day should make you feel so incredibly special and everything about Cowdray House helps you to feel like that. Not only are the grounds immaculate and the insides incredibly grand and beautiful (there is a private balcony off the bridal suite that is just *chefs kiss*), but the staff themselves are delightful. They looked after us vendors so well which speaks volumes of a wedding venue. If you're considering going all out for your wedding day, please go visit Cowdray Manor House.

My Highlights

  • When the birds flew past the bridal suite balcony singing away
  • Seeing Cat's dress for the first time
  • Bryan's face as he watched Cat walk down the aisle with her dad
  • Watching all the guys try to lift Cat up for a photo as carefully as possible
  • Wondering through the garden with Cat and Bryan
  • Beautiful music from the string quartet
  • Everyone standing and waving their napkins in the air as they introduced Cat and Bryan in for the meal
  • The speeches. I don't think I'll ever get over them.
  • A beautiful wedding cake
  • Bryan attempting a worm on the dance floor and it um....not turning out quite as he hoped (please refer yourselves to the photo of Bryan on his back)
  • A golf buggy exit

Wonderful Suppliers:

Videographer - Magic Pro Media & Love Crafted

Bride Make Up & Hair - Miss Sunshine for Gem Sutton

Bridesmaid Hair - Q Hair and Beauty

Wedding Dress - Suzanne Neville

Groom attire - Ede and Ravenscroft

Bridesmaid Dresses - Jenny Yoo NYC dresses from Nabbd

Usher's suits - Oliver Brown

Florist - Mary Jane Vaughan

DJ - Miss Dj Deed

String Quartet - Southdown Strings

Thank you Cat & Bryan for inviting me to your day, it was magical!