So...2020 has been different to what we thought it would be.

Has anyone looked at their New Years resolutions for 2020 that they made? It was as if 2020 looked at us all and went "yeah...about that". Resolutions or not, I don't think many of us could have predicted this year to be what it has been. And it has been a heartbreaking one. Everyone has lost something. Whether it be a holiday, a wedding, taking exams, being able to hug people, or even maybe have lost a loved one. If that is you, I am so sorry. I can't imagine what you have been going through. And all the other losses, big and small, it has undoubtably been a very tough year. But I wanted to share one of my favourite quotes, which I sadly do not know who it is by:

"Every day may not be good, but there is something good in everyday"

And I think we could change the word day to year. And that is really the heart behind this project. I really wanted to capture some of the good that people have found in lockdown. Things learnt, things found again. And I of course was just missing getting out there and flexing my photography muscle!

So I went around and took pictures for people at their homes, to give them a little momento of what life looked like for them during this time, who was with them through it all. And also to ask them what their reflection has been of this time. So do have a look below at the Distant Diary I have created below!



“For us lockdown has been about family. Whilst it's been hard not to see loved ones, it has also been such a gift to have so much time together and slow down. We've found joy in the simpler things, takeaway coffees have become a treat and we've learnt to rest, enjoy what we have, recalibrate and cherish this time. Our hope is that we will carry much of what we have learnt into our 'new normal'”