I will forever be grateful for 2022

The year my dream came true. I went fully self employed!

On January 19th, I gave in my notice at my job. It was scary, and a big risk, but felt really right. I had just about enough weddings for the year but it still was a leap.

Two months later, one week before my first wedding of the year, I had left my job and stepped into the self employed world. I have not regretted it since. I love being my own boss, working to my own schedule. Getting to decide what I want, and just as important, what I don't want to do. Growing a business. Being creative.

And my weddings were INCREDIBLE! I met some beautiful people, and grew my photography style. I fell in love with how people styled their weddings and catching the beautiful moments.

I'm still learning how to properly rest, and juggle work and personal life. There are moments of high anxiety and struggling with imposter syndrome. But I'm grateful for the journey. I'm grateful I have dreams and goals that I get to work towards. I'm at the beginning of all of this and that is bloody exciting.

Enjoy this curated selection of 2022 🤍 there were SO many to choose from but these were some that I have a lot of love for.